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Rules Summary [1]: Units and Gold

Gold and Workers

In the game every player has some gold. You start with 100 gold. Every 30 minutes (of real time), there is a turn, and you get new gold: for every 'worker' unit that you have, you get 1 gold. You do not have to be connected to get your gold: the game goes on even when you are not there. Every 30 minutes of real time the server computes the gold produced and distributes it to players.

You can always check how much gold you have by looking at the top of the page -- your stats include the amount of gold you currently have, and the amount of gold that you will receive at the next turn.

Most things that you wish to get in the game require you to pay some gold. This is why gold is so important.

But there is another way of getting gold, which is usually a lot quicker: attacking other players and stealing *their* gold.


To attack other players, you need to have 'soldier' units. A unit can be either a 'worker' or a 'soldier' (or other military units which will be available later in the game). At the beginning of the game, you have 18 'worker' units, and 2 'soldier' units. The 'worker' units produce gold and food; they produce 1 gold and 1 food every 30 minutes. Workers never take part in battles with other players; if all your units are workers, you can not attack other players and you can not defend your gold from their attacks. Soldier units are used to attack other players or to defend yourself from other players' attacks; soldier units consume food though. A 'soldier' unit consumes 1 food every 30 minutes. But if you don't have any soldiers, you can not defend your gold from other players attacks.

So you always need to find a balance between the number of workers you have (peaceful population creating gold and food) and the number of soldiers you have (army which consumes food but which is needed to defend your kingdom from attacks, and to attack other kingdoms).

The system will always require you to have food production that is 0 or more. You can not go below 0 with the food production; this means you can not convert all of your population into soldiers -- you must keep enough workers to generate the food to feed the soldiers.

Training Workers to be Soldiers

To manage how many workers and soldiers you have, go in the 'Units' section. You can train a worker to become a soldier; it costs 50 gold. You can untrain a soldier to become a worker; that is free. To increase the number of units you have you will need to recruit new units, as it will be explained later. The total number of units you have is displayed at the top of the game with your other stats.


At the beginning of the game, for example, you have 18 workers and 2 soldiers. Every 30 minutes, the 18 workers produce 18 gold and 18 food, but the 2 soldiers consumes 2 food, so you get +18 gold and +16 food every 30 minutes. If you are going to attack other players, you will probably want to convert more of your workers into soldiers, so you may end up with 16 workers and 4 soldiers, and you get +16 gold and +12 food every 30 minutes, but your army is twice as strong. If you train more soldiers, you will get less gold every 30 minutes, but have more army.


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