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Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-Kings ?

X-Kings is a turn based massively multiplayer online game which is played using a web browser. X-Kings is a classic game that used to be very popular in the mid-2000s. We are keeping it running to allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of mid-2000s online browser games.

Do I have to pay to play X-Kings ?

No! X-Kings is a free game, there is nothing to pay.

What do I need to play X-Kings ?

You need a web browser, an internet connection, and a valid email address.

Why do you ask for my email address when I start playing ?

To make cheating more difficult. A player can only have up to 3 accounts; more is considered cheating. To make creating many accounts more difficult, every time you create a new account, you have to type in a valid email address, and every account must use a different email address. The email address also allows you to get your password emailed to you if you lose it.

How do I start playing X-Kings ?

Go on the New Player page. Choose a name and password, insert your email address, and the system will email you an activation link to activate your account and start playing.

Where is the Download area ?

There is nothing to download, you can play online using your web browser. You do not have to install anything to play X-Kings. Just go to the 'New Player' page and start playing.

Can I delete my account if I don't like the game after I start playing ?

Yes, you can. In the game, select 'Preferences' then 'Delete your account'. When you delete your account we delete it completely including the email address so it will be as if you had never registered.

What are the game rules ?

Click on 'Tutorial' in the menu to have an introduction on how you play the game. More info is available in the game inline help.

Do you have 3d rendering ?

X-Kings is a very exciting game but it is a browser-based game, so no 3d animations, no screams, no shooting. But you don't have to give up your preferite 3d game to play X-Kings: you can play both! :-) X-Kings is an entirely different kind of game, but once you start playing, you'll be building your power day after day competing with lots of other players -- be careful as it's highly addictive. And you can play from any PC connected to the internet in any place at any time, so the temptation of checking the game will follow you everywhere...

How time-consuming is X-Kings ?

To do well in X-Kings, you need to play regularly every day. You do not need to stay online for long; ten minutes per day might be enough to do very well indeed if you use them properly.

How does X-Kings compare to other similar games ?

Very well. X-Kings has been built by studying the classical examples of games of this kind, rebalancing and simplifying the rules, and adding a technology system where you can research new technologies and expand your powers and options day after day as you play. The basic rules are very simple and clearly explained; the game gets more complex and interesting as you research new technologies. The game architecture has been designed to be reactive and fast.

How fast and reliable is the game ?

We take the technical challenge of building a fast and reliable large-scale multiplayer game seriously; X-Kings is managed professionally and our operational objectives are a game which is always available and always fast and responsive. The software design and implementation is commercial-grade and is expected to manage efficiently a large number of players.

I still can not understand: if X-Kings is such a good game why is it free ?

Because we want people to play. We want people to have fun. We want to have fun ourselves. And we think playing (and many other things) should be free. We wrote X-Kings because we felt such a cool game was missing and it would be fantastic to play online such a game against millions of others.

What can I do for you ?

Play the game. Have fun. Call your friends too. Make the game successful. Help us scale it up. Give us feedback on the game, suggest improvements. Be part of the mass. Win, if you can.

How challenging is X-Kings ?

X-Kings is a real challenge. Getting a decent position is possible with a good gameplay, but getting to be one of the top of the players is exceedingly hard. If you feel that you can beat the trillions of other players and get to the top ..., well join the fight and show the world how good you are! ;-) [Join X-Kings here]

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