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Rules Summary [2]: Attacking and Points

Attacking other players

To attack another player, click on 'Attack' on the menu. Browse the list of all players trying to find the player you want to attack. As a first approach, try to go for players of more or less your strength but with a lot of gold (this is not necessarily a good strategy in the game, as you should be looking for battles with strong players to increase your military experience, but it could be good for your first attacks when you don't want to risk until you are confident with the game).

Ranking Players: points

How do you know which players have more or less your strength ? Well, players are ranked by 'points'. The points are calculated as:

points = (1.09 ^ (number of technologies - 1)) * (military experience)

This formula basically says that the more technologies you have, and the more military experience you have, the more points you have.

Number of Technologies

the 'number of technologies' is the number of technologies that the player has. You can research new technologies by clicking on the 'Technologies' menu item. New technologies can benefit you in many ways; for example they can increase your production (so every worker will produce more food and gold), they can increase your attack/defense power (so your soldiers will be stronger in battle), and they can allow you to do new things (such as building defense structures or new types of units). When you buy a new technologies, your points increase: they are multiplied by 1.09 each time you get a new tech.

Military Experience

The 'military experience' represents how much the player is experienced in battle. At the beginning, your military experience is 20. Every time you kill a unit of a player who has got as many points as you have (or more), you get 1 military experience point. The higher your military experience, the stronger your army is in battle. When you get military experience, your points increase in proportion.

Importance of Points

To win the game, you need to have more points than the other players. That means you need more technologies, and more military experience. Your current points are displayed at the top of the page, in your stats. By the way, the points of each player are kept updated in real time, but the position of each player is only updated every 8 hours. This is why you can occasionally see a player with more points being ranked lower in the list of players; if you wait a few hours, things will fall into place naturally.

When you are looking for a player to attack, always check their points. A player with high points has probably many technologies and a high military experience; it can be difficult to win a battle against such a player.

On the other hand, to increase your military experience you need to kill units of stronger players, so at some point you have to attack stronger players.

For your first attack, choose a player with few points and a decent amount of gold to steal. Hint: before attacking, go in the 'Units' section and create a new 'soldier' so that you have 2 soldiers to attack with. It is going to be a lot easier to prevail if you attack with 2 soldiers instead of 1. :-)

Attack Turns

When you have choosen the player you want to attack and you start the attack, you are asked how many 'attack turns' you want to use in the attack. At the beginning, you should always attack with 6 attack turns.

Attack turns are important because they determine how often you can attack. Every time you attack, you consume some attack turns (as explained, we recommend that you always use 6 attack turns until you're advanced in the game). At the beginning, you are given 90 attack turns; if every time you attack you consume 6 attack turns, you can attack 15 times before running out of attack turns. When you have no more attack turns, you can not attack any more: you have to wait until you have enough attack turns to attack again.

Every 30 minutes, you get 1 new attack turn. So if you run out of attack turns you will have to wait around 3 hours before you have 6 attack turns again and you can attack again. Your current attack turns are displayed at the top of the page (they are called 'Turns'). Attack turns are capped at 180: if you have 180 attack turns, you do not receive any more attack turns.

What affects battle results

When you attack another player, there is a battle. The outcome of the battle depends on how many soldiers you are sending to battle, and how many soldiers the other player is sending to battle. Defenders always defend with all their soldiers. The outcome also depends on your military experience and on the other player's military experience; on your technology level (because some technologies increase your battle power) and on the other player's technology level; and finally, of course, on chance.

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