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Rules Summary [3]: Recruiting, Commanders, Officers and Support Points

Logins and Birth Rate

Every day, when you log in the first time, you automatically get an additional unit (a worker). If you don't log in, you don't get this additional unit. If you login many times during a day, you only get the additional unit the first time that you login.

The birth rate is another mechanism which increases the number of units that you have. At the beginning the birth rate is 0, so you get no new units from it, but with technologies and buildings you can increase your birth rate during the game. When your birth rate is higher than 0, you automatically get new units (workers) every day. The units generated by the birth rate are generated no matter if you connect to the game or not during the day.

Support Points

Players can help each other in the game. The main mechanism to do so is by exchanging 'support points'.

When you want to help another player, you can give them a 'support point'. Select the player, then select the option to give them a 'support point'. They will receive the support point and they will see that it was from you.

Support points are useful because at the end of each day they are converted into additional workers. If you received 2 or 3 support points from other players during the day, you receive 1 additional worker. If you received 4, 5, 6 or 7 support points, you receive 2 additional workers. If you received 8 to 15 support points during the day, you receive 3 additional workers; if you received more than 15 support points, you get 4 workers (full table).

To get support points from other players usually you have to talk to them and get to know each other and decide to help each other; typically they might want a support point from you in exchange for giving you a support point.

You can only give 3 support points per day to other players, and you must give them to different players (you can not give more than 1 support point a day to a single player).

Remember that you have 3 support points every day that you can give to other players and which can be precious for them. Try making good use of them! Try to find the right players who can give you something in exchange for them.

Commanders and Officers

In the game you can also select another player as your 'commander'. When you select another player as your commander, both of you benefit. You can have at most 1 commander at a time, and you can change your commander only once every 14 days.

If you select a player as your commander, then your commander gets 1 additional support point the first time you log in in a day, and you get 1 additional support point the first time your commander logs in in a day (so make sure to choose a commander who plays regularly!).

In addition to that, every time that another player gives you a support point, your commander will also get half a support point; these support points are in addition to the normal ones.

If another player selects you as their commander, you can get considerable benefits. Not only you get an additional support point per day if they play regularly, but you get half of the support points that they get directly from other players.

The players who select you as their commander are your 'officers' (Advanced note: it is valid for two players to select each other as commanders, in which case each one is both the commander and an officer of the other one).

You can either ask other players in the game to become your officers, or you can ask people you know outside of the game to join the game and become your officers in the game; look in the 'Officers' area for a link you can give to people so that they join the game and automatically select you as their commander.

Support Points Table

This table shows how many units you get at the end of every day depending on how many support points you received during the day --

Support PointsUnits
0 or 10
2 or 31
4, 5, 6 or 72
8 up to 153
16 or more4

For example, if you receive 5 support points, they will be converted into 2 units (workers) at the end of the day.

You can not receive more than 4 workers per day.


An easy way to get some additional units is by voting for the game at voting sites. Just click on 'Voting' and follow the instructions. You can only vote once a week, so it's a one-off action, but it might give you some more units to work with.

Start Playing now

You now know enough to start playing... all the new options which will become available as you progress in the game (new technologies, units, buildings, actions, etc) have explanations attached.

Have fun!


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