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News [Most are in English] (Jan 2005 - Jul 2005)

22, Jul 2005: Darscom is now selling X-Kings T-Shirts! Check the X-Kings Shop if you are interested.

22, Jul 2005: Fixed bug in voting section (Reported by himynameisbob, thanks!).

21, Jul 2005: Fixed grammar mistake in the help (Reported by friendly, thanks!).

20, Jul 2005: Fixed description of an advanced building (Reported by emil, thanks!).

17, Jul 2005: Fixed description of an advanced technology (Reported by emil, thanks!).

16, Jul 2005: Fixed spelling mistakes in terms and conditions (Reported by richer500, thanks!).

15, Jul 2005: Fixed spelling mistakes in tutorial (Reported by richer500, thanks!).

14, Jul 2005: When you kick a player out of a guild, automatically jump to the Guild page after the action (Suggested by Routhledge, thanks!). Fixed description of 'Archer' technology (Reported by drew777, thanks!).

14, Jul 2005: The game restart (/end of age) is now expected to happen at (approximately) mid-August 2005. We will give 2 weeks notice before the restart ... including clear warnings inside the game so nobody can miss it. This means the age will last about 3 months (instead of 2 as previously mentioned).

22, Jun 2005: Fixed description of 'Navigation' (reported by DANik49, thanks!).

20, Jun 2005: Automatically delete a guild whose players have all been inactive for the past 20 days.

20, Jun 2005: In the units page display all the weakest sides, not just one of them (Suggested by DANik49, thanks!). Highlight your name in the list of players in your guild.

20, Jun 2005: When a player logs in after many days of inactivity, re-enable immediately gold distribution to them (rather than waititing for the next daily update to do it).

16, Jun 2005: Modifications and tweaks to speed up the software even more.

2, Jun 2005: Fixed spelling in intelligence reports (Reported by DANik49, thanks!).

1, Jun 2005: The 'best position' has been activated.

30, May 2005: Fixed displaying catapult icon for players that can train catapults.

27, May 2005: To speed up the effects of the new measures against the practice of farming inactive low point accounts, all 10 points accounts that never logged in this age had their gold reduced by about 400 gold.

26, May 2005: A problem with a network cable in our ISP's data center caused the server to be unreacheable for 8 hours! :-( We asked our ISP to do more monitoring and react more promptly when there are such problems! Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience.

26, May 2005: You can no longer attack players that have less than 1/5th of your points.

26, May 2005: Enhanced error reporting when a player is not found in the guild (Suggested by Routhledge, thanks!). Added search for player inside a guild also in the public area.

25, May 2005: Gold will no longer be distributed to players that have not logged in the past 5 days.

23, May 2005: Fixed messages on the buildings page for some buildings introduced with the new technology tree (Reported by Rainfall, thanks!). Fixed 'Next' and 'Previous' links in the list of officers.

22, May 2005: Tidied up html of some pages. Extended support points history to show the total number of support points (and bonus workers) received on the previous day.

21, May 2005: Added search form for players inside a guild (Suggested by Routhledge, thanks!). Made displaying '(New)' for guild messages the default.

20, May 2005: Added multi-lingual support to short messages. Fixed deleting old messages in the Guildbox (Reported by Routhledge, thanks!).

19, May 2005: Display the army of each player (if Scouting is known) in the list of players in a guild (suggested by Routhledge, thanks!). Updated message about gold reduction (reported by Turbonox, thanks!). When sending a guild message, avoid displaying '(New)' in the player that sent the message (reported by monkey_ninja, thanks!).

18, May 2005: When an account is deleted, delete the support points they have given too.

18, May 2005: Fixed glitches in the Support Points page (reported by Routhledge, thanks!). Improved password checks when deleting an account or a guild -- trim spaces in the form, and do a case-insensitive match (problem reported by Ruby, thanks!).

16, May 2005: Fixed the description of Trade.

15, May 2005: Age 2 started today at 18:10 GMT. Main changes for the new age include:

  • The removal of the current 63 tech limit ... we can have more technologies now!
  • A reshuffled technology tree with all the technologies and dependencies reorganized. Costs of higher techs have been reduced; there are some new technologies and things.
  • Trade (goods and prices) has been reorganized.
  • Guild messages have been implemented. You can now message all the players of your guild directly! The leader of the guild can decide to use it as a shoutbox for the whole guild (every member of the guild can post to it), or as an announce box (only the leader can post to it).
  • Support point history (limited to yesterday) has been added.
  • The rules have been modified so that only units of players with the same (or more) points than you have can be killed. When you attack weaker players, you never kill any units; when a stronger player attacks you, they can't kill any units.
  • Many small changes particularly to internals.
  • Lots of concurrency fixes.
  • New balancing of units, buildings and multipliers.

This age will last 2 months (approximately). The exact date and time of the end of the age will be communicate a couple of weeks before the end of the age.

15, May 2005: Age 1 finished today at 12:00 GMT. The winner of this age is xXxAlvoxXx with 141,420 points. Here are the top 10 players at the end of this age:

*****  1xXxAlvoxXx141,4203,978444
****  2Sn4k3140,184100447
***  3Doutrinador136,458314444
**  4ThaiDe130,8420443
**  5Guga127,18572,064403
**  6PegaPatoRJ99,055300511
**  7ziziros171,8831,283665
**  8L1qu1d67,80478385
**  9torpedo67,15844,671523
**  10Lanfear64,1526,870437

Check the top 100 players of this age too!

The guild competition was won this age by BR_Alliance with 1,546,990 points. Here are the top 10 guilds at the end of this age:


Check the top 50 guilds of this age too!

10, May 2005: Details of the end of the age are available in the Forum Announcements.

9, May 2005: Fixed bug which was causing some intelligence reports to fail when the defense power of the defender was very high.

7, May 2005: X-Kings was reviewed as 'Webgame of the Month' on the May issue of PCZone.

21, Apr 2005: Added clear mention in the documentation that using automated scripts is forbidden.

20, Apr 2005: Limit military experience so that you can only get military experience from the same player once every 3 days. Limit trade so that you can buy no more than 5 units in a single go.

19, Apr 2005: Fixed the description of two advanced defense technologies (Reported by WannaKnow, thanks!). Pretty format numbers returned by intelligence operations (Suggested by Aquietfrog, thanks!). Fixed human validation after a change of password (Reported by Wolvereness, thanks!).

15, Apr 2005: Changed the mechanism used when a player changes the email address. In the new system, the account remains active, with the only exception that the player can't log in until they validate the new email address. If they do not validate it within 3 days, the account is deleted.

13, Apr 2005: Make it easier to identify players who just signed in and can not be attacked by enclosing the name in '[...]' in the player list, and by displaying a message instead of the attack form when looking at their details. This should help new players who are confused about who they can attack and who they can't.

12, Apr 2005: In the Guilds page, start displaying from the page containing the player's guild.

10, Apr 2005: Fixed link in the Trade page (Reported by routhledge, thanks!). Display count of number of known technologies (Suggestion by Wolverness, thanks!). Fixed description of 'Fortified Walls' (Reported by stathis, thanks!). Fixed bug on the form for selecting the advanced defense strategy (Reported by Doutrinador, thanks!).

3, Apr 2005: Fixed bug where you could create two guilds with the same name but different case. Fixed bug where the anti-scripting system was getting confused if you were required to do the human validation again while writing a message. Fixed the forms on the Units page so that select a number of soldiers to be trained and then clicking on 'Untrain' does nothing.

24, Mar 2005: Fixed bug that prevented you from buying a trade good unit if your gold was exactly the same as the cost of the unit. Another fix for concurrency to prevent attacks conflicting with turn updates.

23, Mar 2005: More aggressive tuning of certain low-level operating system / database parameters resulting in faster disk access and increased performance.

22, Mar 2005: New anti-scripting system which requires players to go through the human validation check every 40 minutes of continuous playing. Small change to protect turns more carefully against concurrency issues.

21, Mar 2005: Fix to avoid concurrency issue causing players to end up with negative gold in some cases. Added in/out icons to messages.

17, Mar 2005: Enhancements to prevent turn / position / daily updates to be occasionally missed due to complex concurrency issues.

10, Mar 2005: Added a couple of new icons for some advanced technologies, and a new icon representing your General. Display the total value of trade units in the Trade page.

3, Mar 2005: Fixed another bug in intelligence reports. Cleaned some internals.

25, Feb 2005: Fixed checking password when deleting a guild. The check should be case-insensitive (reported by Uruk-hai, thanks!)

24, Feb 2005: Fixed bug in some intelligence reports.

23, Feb 2005: Implemented Outbox for messages.

23, Feb 2005: Added Subject to messages. Separate display of each message. Preserve newlines when displaying the text of a message.

22, Feb 2005: Started some work on the Messages area: separated the 'Inbox' page from the 'Send Message' page.

20, Feb 2005: Display * next to your commander and your officers when they have logged in today. Display the members of a guild in a nicely formatted table. Changed buy operation to be more strict and fail if another player is taking your gold in a concurrent attack. Changed the way we round defending units killed by a strong player attacking a much weaker one; it should be less likely that the stronger player kills units of the weaker player now.

19, Feb 2005: Pretty format all displayed numbers. Display average number of points per player in the guild stats.

18, Feb 2005: Added three new tech icons. Added checks to prevent a guild leader from kicking himself out of his own guild. Fixed bug in tech tree dependencies (reported by TLoF, thanks!).

17, Feb 2005: Guild leaders can now kick players out of their guild. Also, the system now sends out automated messages when a request to join a guild is accepted or declined.

16, Feb 2005: Fixed bug (reported by eNvy, thanks!) where intelligence operations in certain cases would report wrong information.

15, Feb 2005: Introduced food. Now soldiers eat food instead of gold, and workers produce gold and food, not only good. This simple change to the game rules should prevent players from dropping gold production to 0. As a consequence we hope the game economy gets out of the current stagnation in the high levels!

14, Feb 2005: Fixed changing password/email, now does a case-insensitive check of the password and works with short passwords too. Remember the number of attack turns used in the last attack and preset the attack form to that number. Extended protection for new players so that they are guaranteed protection for 24 to 48 hours (or until they make their first attack). Before it was 0 to 24 hours only and some unlucky new players would receive only a few hours (or even minutes!) of protection if they activated the account just before 00:15 GMT.

10, Feb 2005: Implemented a safety-check for attacks against guild members. By default the game will not let you attack other players in your guild to prevent mistakes. You can disable this check by going in your preferences.

9, Feb 2005: New system that suspends the game for 30 seconds during gold, position and daily updates. This is required to prevent conflicts between player actions and system updates.

7, Feb 2005: More protection for new players. A freshly activated account is now protected from attacks until its first attack (or until the next day, whichever comes sooner).

4, Feb 2005: Increased max-age for static images and css to reduce bandwidth and increase responsiveness. Also fixed ntp synchronization issue.

3, Feb 2005: On the player page include guild name (if any) in brackets after the player name.

2, Feb 2005: Fixed deleting a player belonging to a Guild. The cached count of the Guild members was getting out of sync.

1, Feb 2005: Added 'Decline' button to decline guild join requests.

1, Feb 2005: Fixed error message generated when trying to create a new Guild with the same name as an existing one. Also, fixed a rather more complicated problem when a Guild was deleted and there were pending join requests to it. We now automatically delete all the pending requests, so the players who sent the requests to the no longer existing guild can immediately request to join other Guilds is they so wish, and the software is not confused by invalid foreign references.

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