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Novedades [la mayor parte son en inglés] (Dec 2004 - Jan 2005)

31, Jan 2005: Implemented a Guild system. This is experimental.

24, Jan 2005: Increased protection for weaker players. The gold reduction now kicks in at 1/2 of the points.

18, Jan 2005: Attached semantics to the colors of units. Now they are no longer chosen by each player at their will, but they have a precise meaning in the game: your units are red, the units of your commander are yellow, the units of your officers are green, and the units of everyone else are blue.

17, Jan 2005: More in-game help. Increased maximum size of short messages to 1000 characters.

15, Jan 2005: Expanded the in-game help. More helpful feedback when editing short messages.

13, Jan 2005: Many users reported severe session problems. After many attempts at fixing it, we finally found a subtle bug in the output of caching headers of our session code. It might take some time before the fix propagates.

13, Jan 2005: Display a countdown to the end of the day in the 'Birth Rate' option on the 'Main' player page.

12, Jan 2005: 'Supported friend' has been renamed to 'commander' and 'supporting friends' to 'officers'. Many players were confused by the friend system, hopefully using the same terminology that most other games use should make it more intuitive for players who already played other games.

10, Jan 2005: Fixed bug (slipped in with the new tech tree changes) where the wrong icon was shown when looking at other players.

9, Jan 2005: Our first age starts today! A new technology tree has been installed and the price of technologies and buildings have been updated. A fantastic opportunity for new players to challenge directly our top players in this new game ... and raise to the top!

9, Jan 2005: Our beta game terminated today at 1pm! The winner of this age is Esquilax with 6592 points. Here are the top 10 players at the end of this age:

***  1Esquilax659237334286
**  2ERazER5824092
*  3orcking551037360417

Check the top 60 players of this age too!

6, Jan 2005: New trade icons and new favicon.

4, Jan 2005: New in-game voting system which rewards players who vote for X-Kings at voting sites.

4, Jan 2005: This age will finish on Sunday 9 January 2005 at 1pm GMT. The winners of this age will then be declared! The new age will start soon afterwards; all game stats will be reset when the new age starts.

28, Dec 2004: Slightly increased power of attack units to put them on a level field with defense units.

27, Dec 2004: Added new Intelligence technologies.

24, Dec 2004: The support points page has been reorganized to be easier to use and to show the list of players that received a support point from you today. New restrictions on attack prevent you from attacking friends or players who gave you a support point. New icon. The game restart has been delayed by a week, so it will probably happen on the first week of January.

22, Dec 2004: The attack system has been enriched. You can now attack another player from North, West, South or East. Players might have different defenses on different sides depending on various things. Also, in the process attack computations have been fixed: a flag was missing in a formula causing defenders to be penalized and very rarely kill any attacking units. Now overwhelming defense will get its fair chance of killing attacking units.

21, Dec 2004: The attack computations have been changed to reduce the amount of losses that you can have in a single attack.

19, Dec 2004: The cost of technologies has been dramatically reduced. The stats will be reset and the game will be restarted on 27, December 2004.

19, Dec 2004: A bug which was corrupting the list of technologies of players was found. The bug must have been live for about 1 day. To try recovering the technlogies of the (many) affected players, we restored the game from a backup of last night, applying manually all changes of today, after mass editing them to filter away the problems introduced by the bug. This has resulted in some stats being confused or some last day changes being lost. The current game stats are our best guess at what they would have looked like without the bug. We apologize.

18, Dec 2004: Added military exercises which allow you to increase the military experience of your troops by paying some gold. 9 new icons. Lowered the attack turn capping to 200: if you have 200 attack turns or more, you do not get any more.

17, Dec 2004: Tuned/limited last change: reduce the gold stolen only for players who are much weaker than the attacker (much weaker means 1/4 of the points or less), and use a smaller reduction.

16, Dec 2004: If a player attacks a weaker player, the gold stolen is now reduced. The bigger the difference in points between the two players, the bigger the reduction. This should stop very strong players from destroying small players for their gold.

16, Dec 2004: Improved rules for negative gold. When your gold becomes negative, your military units are now slowly untrained into workers to produce more gold until your gold is positive again. Previously, they would die and you would potentially lose most of your units.

15, Dec 2004: Reduced 4 times the cost, power and upkeep of all advanced units. In addition to that, reduced even more the buying cost of advanced units, but increased the upkeep. Slightly increased power of attack units in comparison to defense units. Killing advanced units now gives more military experience, depending on the unit. Limit the times you can get military experience from the same player to 3 times every 72 hours.

13, Dec 2004: Implemented a couple of new attack/defense technologies which are part of the attack/defense rebalancing.

12, Dec 2004: Improved the 'Lost Password' so that it is easier to find, it only requires you to type in your email, and is automatically displayed whenever you try to login with the wrong password. Other minor changes to make the login system more friendly.

11, Dec 2004: Reduced price of attack units and defense buildings. Simplified rules for defense buildings and clarified how they work. Rebalanced power of attack units and defense buildings.

7, Dec 2004: Fixed bug which would cause players to lose a worker if they had exactly half a support point at the end of the 24 hours.

5, Dec 2004: New look&feel including new cover and logo! Banners are available too.

1, Dec 2004: The trade system now includes plots of the price fluctuations in the past 36 hours.

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