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Novedades [la mayor parte son en inglés] (Sep 2004 - Nov 2004)

23, Nov 2004: The attack turns are now capped at 400. This means that the system gives you a new attack turn every 30 minutes, but only if you have less than 400 attack turns already.

22, Nov 2004: The trade system has been extended with more goods. There are now multiple goods with similar base prices, so whenever you buy you have a choice between competing goods.

20, Nov 2004: We simplified the human validation to make it easier for people to login, and we added a 'Support' page where you can vote for X-Kings at some major voting sites.

17, Nov 2004: The login system has been improved to give more meaningful error messages and to notify you when you get a new worker because it is the first time you login in a day.

6, Nov 2004: We have removed the referral link system, and replaced with a new "support point" system where players can help each other inside the game. Check the tutorial to learn everything about the new rules!

4, Nov 2004: You can now change the color of your units! Also, the login is no longer case sensitive; this should fix problems that people have been having when trying to login with mixed-case player names.

2, Nov 2004: Added some more graphics (lost units).

30, Oct 2004: Added inline help on buildings, warnings for negative income and other minor enhancements.

27, Oct 2004: We have enhanced the 'human validation' system to make it impossible for buggy browsers to cache validation images. This should fix problems that people have occasionally been having with the images on the login, new user and click validation pages.

25, Oct 2004: We have set up a forum for the game.

21, Oct 2004: The rules for military experience have been changed to be simple, transparent and more balanced. You now get 1 military experience point every time you kill a unit of a player with the same (or more) points that you have. Technologies increasing military experience have been changed to increase the number of points you get when you kill an eligible unit. So, for example, with 'Writing' you get 2 points of military experience instead of 1 for every eligible unit you kill.

19, Oct 2004: We are experimenting with the game graphics.

14, Oct 2004: There will be a few hours of planned hardware downtime starting at 00:00 GMT. Update: unfortunately our ISP took more than 8 hours to restore internet connectivity after they started to work on it! Apologies.

29, Sep 2004: Fixed integer overflow in the attack computations. NB: we are making progress with the game art; hopefully in a week or two we can put some of it online. Once we have some good art in place as a starting point, so that it looks/feels more like a game, we will start playing Age 0.

23, Sep 2004: Swapped a couple of technologies in the technology tree to make it easier to get Trade early.

22, Sep 2004: The game is now open to the public for testing. We are planning to test for a week or so, then we'll reset all player points and we will start playing Age 0! The graphics and design are temporary but we want to start testing and playing the game while we complete the design.

16, Sep 2004: Inline help on technologies is available.

8, Sep 2004: The attack computations have been changed.

6, Sep 2004: The name of the game is going to be "X-Kings".

31, Aug 2004: The server is online, connected to the internet. Testing will start in the next few weeks.

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